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Private Sector Development Directorate

 The directorate is concerned with promoting and developing the private sector in order to activate its role in building Iraqi economy due to its influential and great role in advancing development and progress forward through (providing trade ? economic information, offering support and facilities, opening new markets in front of him and activate the connection between him and his partners all over the world, involving in valuable exhibitions, conferences and international economic forums, guiding to the available investment opportunities, rehabilitation and development of human resources, issuing magazine which dealing with economic affairs. The categories carry out the following tasks: -

  • Iraqi Trade Information Center
  • Commercial Training Department
  • Investment Promotion Department
  • Trade and Export Promotion Department
  • Iraqi Trade Magazine Department

Iraqi Trade information Center  ( ITIC)

     The center was established to keep up with the economic development which the world witnessed to contribute in the advancement of the Iraqi economy, supporting the economic development, activating the role of the Iraqi private sector in order to be at the forefront      and to enable accessing to the latest developments in the field of laws, rules and regulations related to trade , investment, exhibitions and conferences that held abroad via the website of the center www. iraqitic.com , providing all facilities to accomplish business electronically and to answer all inquiries via e-mail.

Now, the directorate is seeking to turn   the center into Iraqi International Point, to keep with technological development all over the world in the field of revitalization and promotion of e-commerce by establishing an official  focal  commercial point considered the focus basis in the application and using information technology in order to maximize the using of e-commerce for the business community and economic projects and to be the trade center of information and shall support and promote trade and investment  of  Iraq in domestic and global market.

Functions of Point

    providing informational support and technical backing for businessmen and investors, opening new markets to the  private sector and activating the interdependence between them and their partners in the world through an official focal point depending on the electronic trading and facilitate business by using modern technologies 

Point Objectives

  1. Widespread using of electronic business  transactions.

  2. Providing information on the business dealings for all phases of business operations.

  3. Investing the trading and Investment opportunities available in the international  markets and searching for them to serve  exporters, producers and investors.

  4. Flowing interaction between businessmen, investors, international markets, and facilitate business transactions among them to increase trading  with countries of world.

  5. Assistance the businessmen to achieve  their business electronically at a low  cost and high speed.

  6. Creating a new generation of exporters,   producers, and investors.

Services of the Point

  1. Providing data, and trade, investment information and statistics electronically to increase the commercial activity and follow-up, updating this information periodically by representatives from   concerned authorities and published on its website www.iraqitic.com  (transport, tenders, customs, trade missions, domestic prices, banks, organizations and unions, legislations, laws, regulations, agreements, internal and external trade statistics of Iraq, investment opportunities  ... etc).

  2. Promoting for Iraqi products on the International Information Network (Internet) or through  participation in exhibitions  and forums in order   to define the local and global market with products.

  3. Distributing both of trading  opportunities (import- export- investment - services) which received from members of  Federal Network Points for World Trade Point Federation (WTPF) and Arab Trade Point   Federation (ATPF) and business opportunities that are found on the registered companies at the point  and follow-up.

  4. Designing and creating websites and special e-mails for registered users in the point and hosted on the  website of the point and train the employees on the use of information and communication  technology.

  5. Providing a group of facilities for businessmen and investors which allows them to meet their counterparts in the world directly for negotiations, contracts and activate cooperation between them and open new markets in front of them at a lower cost and higher speed, including the provision of service {(Video Conference), library services, answering the inquiries that received via E-mail:  info@iraqitic.com  and addressing the relevant authorities  .

Commercial Training Department   E-mail: Trainig.spdd@yahoo.com

  Preparing and qualifying advanced and efficient human resources to manage the business of all directories and companies of ministry and private sector through the preparation and implementation of an annual training plan that includes a number of training programs and workshops in the fields {(trade and economic science),  financial, administration and legal matters), foreign trade contracts, English language, projects management, computer and investment} .

Investment Department    E-mail: investipsdd@yahoo.com

    This Dep. is responsible for :-

  1. Express an opinion in draft of investment agreements.

  2. Promote for available investment opportunities which has already been  announced  by National Investment Commission.

  3. Contributing in special committees that responsible for investing in some of the ministry's projects.

  4. Promote for all incoming economic forums of General Company for Fairs and business services and inform the investment bodies in Baghdad and the provinces.

  5. Submit facilities to the delegations of investment commissions with coordination with directorate of Foreign Economic Relations.



Export and Trade Promotion Dep. Services      E-mail: Tepd_psdd@yahoo.com

    This Dept. is responsible for:

  1. providing the informational support and technical backing to all economical organizations which has commercial ,   industrial and  investment activities that   represented the private sector including to the committee for supporting the private  sector through participating in investment  opportunities representing in markets, fairs, economic and commercial forums  in Iraq and abroad.

  2. Submit proposals for drafts trade and economic agreements shared between Iraq and the countries of the world and contribute to the substantive preparation of the joint committees assigned by the Department of Foreign Economic Relations and involvement in organizations such committees.

  3. The formation and activation of joint councils held between the Iraqi private sector and the private sector in the rest of the world.

  4. Organizing conferences and seminars in cooperation with the ministry departments and companies in topics related to the private sector as well as to participate in committees that form inside and outside the ministry and on the Private Sector.

Iraq trade magazine Department        E-mail:  iraqitrademag@yahoo.com

  1. A quarterly magazine is issued in both (Arabic and English) languages, which concerned with economic affairs through publishing researches, studies, articles and private sector?s contributions that are based on a scientific methodology vision to develop business as well as the publication of laws and regulations pertaining to trade and investment, news and activities of ministry of trade.

  2.  Iraqi Trade Magazine distributed to ministries, embassies and official departments and entities, and government agencies and non-governmental organizations.  



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