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IraqITIC.com - FAQs:

1. Is the Iraqi trade information center a governmental or a private sector?

The Iraqi trade information center is a governmental side related to ministry of  trade/ private sector development directorate and located in Baghdad / al-Mansour/on Baghdad international fair ground.

2.What is the role of Iraqi trade information center in supporting private sector?

The center offers information support & technical backup for businessmen & Investors, facilitates business by using modern techniques, opens new markets for private sector and activates connection between them and their partners all over the world through :

* Providing information in a sophisticated manner that escorts with the information revolution in the world to be accessible to every one in order to increase trade activity, educate beneficiaries with the systems, laws, and trade regulations through our website :  www.iraqitic.com

* And it includes the following:

  a) Investment opportunities announced by the national investment commission.

  b) Tenders of our ministry's companies and directorates.

  c) Laws & trade regulations (regulations of company's registration directorate,

      Investment law, export & import licenses, insurance regulations).

  d) Allowed and non-allowed exported & imported materials.

  e) Exhibitions held inside & outside Iraq. 

  f) Domestic prices of rations card items.

  g) E-mails & mobiles of (Iraqi trade attaché, organizations & unions, private & 

      governmental banks).

  h) Statistics of ministry of planning and development cooperation.

  I) Iraqi dinar exchange rate according to the central bank bulletin.

  j) Promoting Iraqi products.

  k) Publishing books titles with their authors and issuing year available in the Center's


  l) Related links.

 * Offering following services and facilities :

 a) Video conference service which facilitates for the investors and businessmen to

      have meetings and negotiations with  their peers freely and directly.     

  b) Browsing through internet & sending emails freely.

  c) Office facilities (printing, copying, CD copying).

  * Providing books in (economy, investment, marketing, banks, accounting

     …etc) to facilitate the work of    researchers  from the private sector. 

 * Replying to inquiries through the center e-mail : info@iraqitic.com

  3. Who are the beneficiaries from such information?

    All information are freely available for all researchers in both (public or private

    Iraqi-foreign) sectors.

 4. Should I visit the center in a case requesting information or a publication?

   You don’t have to visit the center to get the information, all you need is sending

    a letter through our email and you will be  answered on.

 5. What is the information that the researcher expects to find in center?

    All information related to trade, economy, and investment like (laws, regulations,

    tenders of ministry of trade, available investment opportunities in Iraq, Iraqi

    trade magazine, training program, export & import, exhibitions,transformation,

    insurance) But in a case not finding the required information, kindly to contact us on

   our email  and it will be answered on.

  6. Is the information published on the website is valid?

   All information is updated periodically and its last update will be mentioned.         

 7. What are the services offered by center?   

    The center offers services for businessmen and investors which includes the


   a) Video conference.

   b) Internet and email.

   c) Free advertisement to promote your companies.

   d) Copying documents and publications on papers or CD.

   e) Various books of (accounting, trade, financial, economic).

   f) Coordinating meetings with federations, organizations, Iraqi & foreign businessmen.

   g) Trade directories of some states.

  8. Are the services offered by center freely or by money?

    All services are free and available for private sector.

 9. How the video conference will be held with other side?

    contact us on our email and provide us the number of the requested video

    conference  you want, and you will be informed on the date & time in which you

     meet your  companies.

10. How can I present my observations to the center?

  You can present observations by sending a letter through our email.  



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