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    Unions & Arab Chambers of Commerce & Industry       

  last update (12/6/2011)

  • General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agrigulture for Arab Countries

 web site  : www.uac.org.lb

  • The Federation of Yemen Chambers of Commerce & Industry

 web site  : http://www.fycci-ye.com/en/sp/rooms.aspx

  • Federation of  UAE Chambers of  Commerce & Industry

 web site  : http://www.fcciuae.ae/en/

  • Union Tunisienne de  I'Industrie, du commerce et de I'Artisanat

 web site  :  http://www.utica.org.tn/website/index.php

  • Federation of Syrian Chambers of Commerce

 web site  : http://www.fedcommsyr.org/index-e.html

  • the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon

 web site  : http://www.cci-fed.org.lb/English/index.aspx?pageid=415

  • Federation of Jamahiriya Chambers of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture

 email      : unionchambrs@hotmail.com

  • Chambre Algérienne de Commerce et d'Industrie

 web site  : http://www.caci.dz/index.php?id=1

  • Bahrain Chamber of  Commerce & Industry

 web sire  : http://www.bcci.bh/en/Default.aspx

  • Federation Des Chambers Marocaines De Commerce, D'Industrie et de Services

 web site  : http://www.fcmcis.ma/

  • Council of Saudi Chambers

 web site  : http://www.saudichambers.org.sa/index_en.htm

  • Jordan Chambers of Commerce

 web site  : http://www.jocc.org.jo/index_en.php

  • Amman Chamber of Industry

 web site  : http://www.aci.org.jo/development/en/index.php

  • Damascus Chamber of Industry

 web site  : http://www.dci-syria.org/

  • Oman Chamber of Commerce

 web site  : http://www.chamberoman.com/index.aspx

  • Qatat Chamber of Commerce & Industry

 web site  : http://www.qatarchamber.com/

  • Kuwait Chamber of commerce & Industry

 web site  : www.kcci.org.kw

  • Federation of Egyptain Chambers of Commerce

 web site  : http://www.fedcoc.org.eg/chamberportal





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